Selecting a Colorado Venue for a Celebration of Life

Colorado offers a variety of different Venues for Celebrations of Life. How do I choose the one that is just right for me and my family?

10 Point Checklist for Choosing a Venue

  1. Accommodations – How many guests may be seated comfortably in this space? Handicap accessibility?
  2. Cost – Factor in the fees for the space, food, staff and other incidentals. Read the contract carefully before signing.
  3. Date and Time – Select the date and time. If you are flexible on this, call the Venue first to see what they have available. If the Venue is not available on the date(s) you propose, ask if they will refer you to another Venue in the area.
  4. Electronics – Is there a big screen to play a Photo Tribute? A speaker system, podium, and microphone?
  5. Hourly Rental – What is the minimum time for renting the space? (Typically it is four hours)
  6. Location – Select the geographic location that best suits you and those attending. If the majority of guests live north of downtown, then a Venue south of downtown probably isn’t ideal. Are family and friends flying into Denver International Airport? Consider how they will get to the venue plus lodging accommodations. Exploring a mountain location? Will you offer transportation? Inclement weather. In the event of rain, snow, hail or high winds is there an indoor option as a backup?
  7. Parking – How many parking spots are available? Will there be parking attendants?
  8. Setup & Signage – How many chairs will be set up? What if more people arrive than planned? Will the Venue provide signage?
  9. Staff – Is the staff professional, friendly and accommodating? How many people will be assigned to help with your event?
  10. Vendors – Does the Venue have preferred vendors for catering and florists or may I choose my own?

Closing Thoughts

Cremations continue to surpass burials and this allows additional time to plan for a Celebration of Life at a later date rather than immediately with a burial.

Selecting the appropriate Venue will set the tone for your uplifting Celebration of Life.  If time allows, visit two or three Venues before making your final decision. As your Funeral Celebrant, I will meet with you at the Venue of your choosing to go over the details in advance of the Life Celebration. Visit my ever-expanding list of Colorado Venues for Celebrations of Life.

Anita Larson is a Ceremony Leader and Officiant who blogs about her experiences with Celebrations of Life. Providing uncommon ideas and encouraging her readers to “Think Outside the Coffin®” when planning a Fabulous Farewell.

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