Meet Anita

Writer, Speaker, Ceremonialist

My personal practice includes: learning something new every day, listening with empathy and compassion, keeping a sense of humor and living with gratitude.

I have attended way too many impersonal funerals filled with rhetoric. This is why I am passionate about creating highly personalized Memorials and Celebrations of Life. What do you remember most about a funeral you attended? Were there any memorable stories of their life? Or maybe this is the first Memorial you are planning? My goal with every Ceremony is to capture the authentic essence of your loved one’s life. What is her lasting legacy? What will others remember about him? How would they want to be remembered?

It is an honor and privilege learning about your loved one through you, your family, and friends. Together we connect the stories for an extraordinary Remembrance of their life. Every life is important and everyone leaves a lasting legacy.

Anita Larson, Certified Funeral Celebrant
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