Celebration Of Life For A Loving Couple

The theme for this Celebration of Life was LOVE. Every family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker or caregiver knew and felt their deep love for each other. This was a unique Remembrance of their lives although he had passed two years before his lovely wife. She was a beautiful, radiant bride at 51 and he was a dashingly handsome groom at 39 when they married 45 years ago. Each of their previous lives and families came together as one when they united in marriage on a rainy day in May in 1972. Rain on your wedding day is good luck because it signifies that your marriage will last. Their love story was a journey, starting at forever and ending at never.

No one imagined that she would outlive her only daughter or her beloved husband. When she passed at the age of 98, their families came together to honor them both in a single Celebration of Life that was filled with love, memories, stories, laughter and happy tears.

The most memorable and meaningful part of this Remembrance was when we passed around a heart rock. I spoke these words:

“We will begin a circle of love with our words. When this heart rock comes to you, please say something from your heart that you remember about them.  It may even be a single word or short phrase.” The last person who spoke placed this heart rock next to their urn where their ashes had been combined into one.  “We have infused this stone with our loving words and memories. We will remember you always.” 

Next, those who wished came forward to say their farewells aloud or silently. Followed by some who wrote little love notes and placed them by their urn. Others sprinkled rose petals around.

Collaborating with these families; together we created this beautiful Celebration of Life. It was held outside at a Colorado Cemetery on a gorgeous sunny day in December. Is there any better legacy to leave than one of LOVE? I will forever remember the heartfelt words and stories spoken along with the loving actions of everyone attending. There is not a doubt in my mind that love lives on! 

Closing Thoughts

I am continually reminded that Celebrations of Life may be held outside almost any time of year in Colorado. Each year we are gifted with over 300 days of sunshine! Visit my website to view the ever-expanding list of Colorado Venues for Celebrations of Life

Anita Larson is a Ceremony Leader and Officiant who blogs about her experiences with Celebrations of Life. Providing uncommon ideas and encouraging her readers to “Think Outside the Coffin®” when planning a Fabulous Farewell.
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