The Stories of Her Life

Glenna’s idea of heaven was being surrounded by books and cats. It was quite appropriate for her Life Celebration to be held in the library where she volunteered upon retirement. She didn’t have any living family and she wasn’t married. Her friends were her family and they were the ones who contacted me for this […]

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Remembering Them

Celebrating a Birthday Instead of doing something on the day he died, our family chooses to celebrate his life on his Birthday. Each year we do something different together that Ben liked to do. We’ve been zip-lining, snowmobiling, rock climbing and last year we went skydiving. Our brother was an adventurer. He died so young […]

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Riding Free

Celeste aka “Kat” lived her life going full throttle until suddenly without any warning the big “C” ended her life. Her heartbroken husband, Dan aka “Big Dawg” was devastated and shared story after story of the miles they traveled together on their motorcycles. They were high school sweethearts with a passion for the open road. […]

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